Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prospecting for Gold

This picture shows Prospectors in the 1897 Gold Rush in the Yukon Territory. You wonder if they ever found the "Mother Load" that they were looking for. When I lived in New Mexico, I had a friend that would go prospecting up in the mountains every weekend. He always came back with something, but he probably never paid for his gas and all his equipment with is little finds. Gold Fever has always made more people poor than rich.


  1. Just found your blog because of a Civil War search and the launching of the USS Monitor.

    Great site and now on my favorites.

  2. Your picture's are unbelievable to look at. You feel like your there with the people. It's one of the most interesting site's that I've ever stumbled on to. BRAVO!!!!! Many Thanks Jenny

  3. what a wonderful blog...
    thank you
    I have added your link to my blog..
    ~peace and blessings~

  4. Great pics ,
    I always wanted to go prospecting.They say theres gold here in Alabama but I haven't had a chance to go .


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