Friday, January 18, 2008

Pancho Villa

Today we feature a photograph of Pancho Villa. Pancho Villa has always been somewhat of an enigma to me. Primarily remembered as a bandit, he was in fact a populist revolutionary fighting for the people, against Mexican Dictators such as Diaz. He was the only military leader to invade the mainland of the United States in the 1900's. In 1916 he crossed the border and led a raid on Columbus, New Mexico. In response, the US sent General John Pershing into Mexico to track the man down. After two years, Pershing gave up, unable to find Villa. Pancho Villa is said to have had the habit of having an ice cream cone before executing his enemies. Eventually, he was assassinated by his own associates. His last words . . . "don't let it end like this, tell them I said something good." What I find interesting about him is that in all the picture I find of him, he has an interesting twinkle in his eye.


  1. Hello, I'm from chihuahua, the place where Pancho Villa spent most of his life. Last month I was in the museum in the city devoted to this man, his former home with Maria de la Luz corral one of his "official" wives. And watching all the things belonged to him and his men, after many years, I was thinking about how history are taught in our institutions, and it's funny how you describe him, because we are taught the other way arround, he is presented like a revolutionary who sometimes was mischievous, instead of someone who was a thief and in his free time was a revolutionary.
    And I realized that the way we are taught about the revolution, its almost as if it wasn't a war and like people didn't died. And is a weird feeling realizing that, and hear people talk about the revolution and I notice how they consider it like it was an overnight change.
    I love your site, and your pictures.

  2. He was a terrorist..