Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kit Carson

Today we feature a portrait of Kit Carson. I love reading about legendary figures from the Old West. They seem to have had such large lives compared to men of today. Carson was a famed hunter, trapper, mountain man, scout, Indian fighter, and military advisor. Kit grew up on land owned by the children of Daniel Boone. He was one of 15 children, and his father died when he was very young. He went to work in a saddle shop to try and help support the family. He was intrigued by the stories he heard from trappers and mountain men, and at the age of 16 joined up with a group of trappers headed for New Mexico. He became a skilled trapper and mountain man. He fell in love with an Indian maiden, and shot a mans thumb off in a dispute over her. He was considered both a fearsome Indian fighter, and a great friend to the Indians. He was the most respected scout of the day, and served as a scout for John Fremont on a number of expeditions, including the one that mapped out the Oregon Trail. Carson provided his services to the US army in the Mexican American war, and the Civil War.
It just amazes me all the things he did in his life. Today, it seems like men just get trapped in little cubicles trying to eek out an existence for their family. I think many men dream of living the life of someone like Kit Carson.


  1. I,like you, also love looking at old pictures of any kind.Right now I'm into the civil war mode(fasinating).I guess it's the wonder of it keep posting pictures even if no comments are added...i would think there are a lot of people who are fasinated at them just like us...keep up the good work

  2. OK, here's one man of today who DOESN'T yearn for a life of hunting, trapping, exploring the wilderness, and fighting Indians. I'll stick with my air conditioning and TV, thank you very much. Cool pictures, though.


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