Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gusher at Spindletop

This is a photograph of the discovery of oil at Spindletop, Texas. This was the first major find of oil in the United States, and this well tripled the entire oil production capability of the United States overnight. The discovery was made on this day, January 10, in the year 1901. This cheap oil helped to fuel the incredible industrial expansion of the United Sates over the last 100 years. Texas oil production has been declining over the last several decades, and with increasing demand, the country has become dependent of foreign oil, which in many cases, comes from very unstable parts of the world. The time has really come to find better alternatives.


  1. When I see gushing oil wells like this, my first thought is, "Ugh, all that oil is being wasted spitting into the air and all over the place like that!"

    Transition to better and more readily abundant fuel I'm afraid will be slow at best. Repercussions will have a heck of a ripple effect.

  2. It is interesting that people always think of Oil when they think of Texas. Most people dont realize that oil production has been dramatically declining in Texas for the last several decades. Texas still has a healthy natural gas production, but oil is not so important today. Texas did a really good job to use the wealth created by the oil industry to diversify into other areas, and so has not been hurt by declining oil industry.