Tuesday, January 29, 2008

California Girl

This photograph was taken in 1942, and shows a young woman with a suitcase standing on the street in Hollywood California. I don't have any other information on the picture. I wonder though if it might be a girl from Kansas who took a bus to California in hopes of becoming a movie star. Just my imagination at work probably.


  1. I think the photograph was set up to make you think exactly that. To me, at any rate, everything looks in such apple-pie order - uncrumpled clothes and shiny new suitcase - that I can't see how the photo wasn't staged.

    On reflection, I suppose it's also possible that she's heading out of LA.

    If that now 87-year-old woman is reading this blog,I would request that she contact the owner to settle this dispute. What exactly were you up to that day?

  2. I agree with anonymous above. It must be a staged photo. You can even see "the bus" in the reflection of the store window.

  3. I can tell you that the bus reflected in the window glass was a 1934 Yellow Coach Model 718 operating for the Los Angeles Motor Coach Company.

    Mr. 'L' - The Bus Maven

  4. 1942 Los Angeles, I doubt that she is heading to be a star. Many women came to Los Angeles during that period to get jobs that became available due to the lack of men. I must admit that she could be doing what my mother did when she auditioned for the USO as a tap dancer and was sent the next day to the South Pacific.


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