Saturday, December 29, 2007

Texas Cowboys

This picture was taken in 1907, and shows a group of Texas Cowboys pausing for lunch. The men are eating canned tomatoes. Both canned tomatoes and canned peaches were cowboy favorites on the range.
There is something inspiring about the authentic American cowboy. They lived by a simple, and honorable code . . . we need more men like that today. Not necessarily out in the saddle, but living lives guided by honesty, integrity, and hard work.


  1. Thanks for the encouraging words . . . hope you will check back often.

  2. I really grew up dreaming of being a cowboy. I wonder if there are any real cowboys left?

  3. I can imagine they had a simple life but it was a hard life. But I cannot imagine they were better men than today's men. A man is a man, good or bad. They are a lot of stories about cruel, violent and drunk cow boys and most of them are true :-)

  4. Real cowboys are never drunk or cruel. It is not the cowboy way. It must have been people pretending to be cowboys, or dressing like cowboys (known as "drugstore", or "Coca Cola" cowboys). There is a big difference.

  5. "They lived by a simple, and honorable code"

    Only in William S. Hart movies.

  6. Speaking of William S. Hart, I just found a wonderful photo of that great actor with Mary Pickford. He really does look like he's trying mighty hard to stifle a laugh:

  7. Well, I read a lot of books about old Wild West and it must be all lies in it...

  8. Li-An,
    I think the point An. is trying to make is that being a true cowboy, and the true cowboy way of life was about honor and integrity. Certainly there were people riding around on horses, wearing hats, doing bad things, but that these people were not the ideal cowboy. If they were drunk jerks, then by definition, they were not "cowboys".

  9. Real Cowboys...

    Many people tack on their own ideas about the cowboy.

    Through time the cowboy has come to be a lifestyle that has gotten an undeserved equivalency with the biker or truck driver or anything else which can recieve either a positive label or a negative label.

    To tell you the truth, I consider myself a cowboy because I was raised with the eloquettes of real cowboys.

    When I was in Georgia, USA I was working outside in the rain. I didn't have a hat and the water dripping behind my ears and neck, it irritated me.

    I didn't have the money or the transportation to go get a hat, so I made my own cowboy hat.

    I used a strong cardboard box, plastic grocery bags, and an old bath towel.

    I wear it everywhere I go.

    I have gotten more compliments about my hat from people of all ages than insults from anybody.

    Many people consider me a cowboy because not that I wear the outfit but because I am mannerful and show that if anybody wants to be something he wishes, he must put forth the effort to earn that respect.

    I know how to ride a horse but don't own one. I know how to herd cattle but don't own any.

    Technology may be far advanced for the cowboy portrayed by the movies but in reality a cowboy is just another person.

    Things have come to the cowboy being a symbol of good morals including work. Not hard work but doing a good job of whatever you do.

    If there are any questions, you can email me at

  10. just found this collection. Am looking forward to reading each entry. I had "googled" for meat paper, string 1920s or some such and found you! First entry read was the butcher in his wooden clogs, looking angry while there are old fashioned Christmas bells in the meat display window. And there are meat hooks on the wall above the butcher's right shoulder.


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