Sunday, December 16, 2007

Civil War Supply Wagons

This photograph was taken in 1862 near Savage Station, Virginia. The picture has a nice view of a Civil War camp, including supply wagons. It always amazes me what quality was achieved in these Civil War photographs. Photography was still in its infancy, and taking a single picture was a very complex process. This picture was taken by George Barnard, who was working for Mathew Brady. Mathew Brady was a true visionary, and was responsible for many if not most of the Civil War photographs we now enjoy. Brady paid for the work himself in the hopes of selling images after the war. He bought many of his photographic supplies on credit from Anthony's studio in New York. After the war, Brady was unable to recoup his considerable expenses, and in the end, much of his photographic collection was given to Anthony in exchange for money owed. Brady died in poverty and relative obscurity. It is amazing how true genius is often not recognized until generations later.

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  1. I believe Barnard also took the picture of the railroad depot from a few posts ago.


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