Sunday, November 18, 2007

Family in the Great Depression

I am really fascinated by these pictures of people in the Great Depression. It is hard to believe the level of poverty people endured. I often reflect on the things that annoy me, and ruin my day, and ponder how small those things are compared to what this family had to endure. My Dad grew up in the Great Depression, and it affected him his whole life. The generation that lived through the depression is fading away, and soon will be gone. Sometimes I fear that there are important lessons that our generation is not learning. We should cherish each day for the abundance we enjoy. The photograph was taken by Dorothea Lange.


  1. My Grandfather grew up during the depression and it explains why he keep everything he ever got.

  2. man watevers...
    thats the its the future

  3. The Great Depression did affect people and changed them . . . to their very core. I speak of the depression or the Depression of the 30s but my father ALWAYS referred to it as The Great Depression. He always talked about it and he never forgot it.


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