Thursday, November 15, 2007

Black Child

This picture shows a Black Child. It was taken in 1939 in North Carolina. When I see pictures of poor children like this from the Great Depression, I always wonder what the rest of their life was like. Were they able to overcome the poverty of their youth, or does the picture pretty much sum up their whole life.


  1. This picture is something that makes individuals realize what it was like for Black Americans during this period. The young boy shows an emotion of sadness.

  2. This is a sad picture, but black children were not the only ones to suffer during this time.

  3. I am descended from NC sharecroppers. The times were bad; However, the times were better than the previous generation, which was enslaved.

    In saying that, the young boy doesn't look sad to me at all. He looks healthy too. He was probably a little uncomfortable taking that photo.

    Nice Blog!

  4. He looks as normal as any child during this time period except maybe a little better tnan many..