Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sir T. Lipton

Yes there really was a Sir Lipton, and yes he really did develop Lipton Tea. I was fascinated to find this picture of him, taken around 1910. Quiet the dapper gentleman, don't you think?


  1. "Yes there really was a Sir Lipton,"

    Sir Thomas Lipton or Sir Thomas but never ever Sir Lipton. :-) However, his English friends, following the fashion of the day, would no doubt have simply addressed him as Lipton.

    Forms of address in the United Kingdom


    "Quiet the dapper gentleman, don't you think?"

    Unquestionably, but he certainly wasn't born to the purple. To his credit, Sir Thomas was an entirely self-made man.

    Much more about this fascinating man here:


  2. Thanks for keeping us straight on this.

  3. "Thanks for keeping us straight on this."

    Given the enormous pleasure your photographs provide all of us each and every day, the very least I can do is poke around occasionally in Wikipedia for a few minutes.


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