Saturday, October 20, 2007

MacArthur Returns

General Douglas MacArthur was the commander of the United States military operations in the Philippines. In 1941 and 1942 his headquarters were located on an Philippine island fortress of Corregidor. The Japanese were keenly interested in capturing or killing this key US commander. His location was known, and was the subject of intense Japanese bombing. President Roosevelt, concerned for MacArthur's security, ordered him to relocate to the safety of Australia. MacArthur obeyed, and issued his infamous quote, "I shall return".
He did return. On this date, October 20th, in the year 1944, MacArthur returned to the Philippines. The photograph above shows him as he lands on the beach of the Philippine Island of Leyte.


  1. I always have in mind that film with Gregory Peck. The real Mc Arthur does'nt look this good. Still, he's a hero.

  2. "Still, he's a hero."

    As are the countless thousands of courageous Americans who sacrificed their lives in the Pacific Theater of Operations. Without them MacArthur wouldn't have been returning anywhere in the Pacific.


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