Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Albert Einstein

Normally when we think of emigrants, we think of weary souls unloading at Ellis Island, or we think of desperate people making a run across the Texas/Mexico border. Sometimes we forget some of the other emigrants.

So, today we show a picture of Albert Einstein, who emigrated to this country on this day, October 17, in the year 1933. He moved to escape the horror of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.


  1. I think you mean 1933.

  2. You are correct . . . typo has been fixed.

  3. In actual fact, he wasn't escaping Nazi Germany. Much to my surprise, I came across this earlier:

    "By 1930 he was making international visits again, back to the United States. A third visit to the United States in 1932 was followed by the offer of a post at Princeton. The idea was that Einstein would spend seven months a year in Berlin, five months at Princeton. Einstein accepted and left Germany in December 1932 for the United States. The following month the Nazis came to power in Germany and Einstein was never to return there."