Monday, August 13, 2007

Phoebe Mosey

Phoebe Ann Mosey, aka Annie Oakley, was a sharpshooter and performance shooter. Her amazing talent led to a marquee role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, which made her the first American female superstar. Using a .22 caliber rifle at 90 feet, Oakley could split a playing card edge-on and put five or six more holes in it before it reached the ground. Annie was born on this day (August 13) in the year 1860.


  1. I am just lovin your pics

  2. Thanks for the note. I have always been a big fan of Annie Oakley. She was a real pioneer, making her mark in what was traditionaly a man's sport.

  3. I'm a fan of Annie, too. For she was one of the first women to show that guys aren't the onoy ones who can handle a gun. She was very talented.