Friday, August 10, 2007

Office Work

Things have really changed around the office in the last 90 or so years. This is a photo from the 1920's showing a woman working at her desk, typing. Now you just don't see hats and jackets like that anymore. I love the old typewriter. I can remember when I first went to work, there was only one computer for the whole office, and most memos and reports were done by the secretary with a typewriter. I will admit that things moved a lot slower with that system, but I do think people were a little more thoughtful about what they wrote.


  1. it's funny, we were just talking about the "old days" of typewriters in my office yesterday. We still have one for the occasional need that a computer won't work (filling out carbon forms, etc.) but it's getting fewer and further between.

    I agree with anonymous - I love the luxurious clothes. It must have taken an hour just to get dressed with all the buttons and hooks :)

    Wonderful old photo!

  2. I wonder if she really worked in clothes like that. They look pretty warm. Maybe the offices were not well heated back then

  3. I also wondr about the clothes. Yes, maybe the office wasn't heated. Anyway, with a typewriter like this, better do not watch carefully what zyou write. There's no "delete" button ;-)

  4. It's the same woman from the May 3rd "Woman on the Phone" - then noted as Galli Curci, a famous opera singer!! So, no, I don't think they really worked in clothes like that.


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