Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Child Berry Picker

This is a great image of a child Cranberry picker. It was taken in 1938 in a Cranberry bog in New Jersey. It is amazing to look at these pictures from the 1930's and see very young children doing an adult's work to try and help support the family.


  1. Eew, the poor little boy carries a way to heavy load. I'm all for childern that learn to take some responsiilities by helping at work, but those times were too rough. Bet the boy had back problems when he was grown up.

  2. Diana,
    You are right. I think we forget how terrible things got in the 1930's. The children suffered greatly.

  3. It looks like the man/father was dropping his tray at the moment the photo was taken.

    Maybe the boy wasn't really overworked. I remember being a boy in Michigan picking cherries off the tree in our backyard. It took me a while, but eventually I could fill a bucket worth. I be this child was saying, "I can do it!" Possibly he didn't realize the hardship he was really in.