Friday, July 27, 2007

Children in Bomb Shelter

This is an interesting image from 1941. It shows children in a bomb shelter in Britain. The children are huddled in a trench, watching the skies.


  1. A chilling scene! :( The bomb drills were before my time - I can't imagine that sort of constant threat looming over the conscience of a small child.

  2. Yes, Children in Britain, particularly London had it pretty bad in World War II. I can not imagine having to watch your city be bombed almost daily.

  3. I've seen this photo before and I can;t help but wonder what the thinking behind this type of shelter was. It seems pretty inadequate as it is open to the skies.

    Can anyone enlighten me - was this type of blast trench used a lot; were they dug to provide a modicum of protection if you wre "caught out" when an alarm sounded?

    Any ideas anyone?


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