Monday, June 25, 2007

Battle of Little Big Horn

Today we feature a picture of the US Army horse "Comanche". Comanche is remembered as the only US Army survivor at the Battle of Little Bighorn, better known as Custer's Last Stand. The photograph shows Comanche in relatively good shape, but a number of other horses dead in the background. The battle of Little Big Horn was fought on this date (June 25) in the year 1876.


  1. I've tagged your blog for the Thinking Blogger Award because your wonderful photos never fail to make me stop and think about the way things used to be. Thanks for all the great pics!

  2. Jasia,
    Thanks for the kind note and encouraging words. It is always good to hear that someone appreciates the old pictures.

  3. comanche is stuffed at ft riley kansas and i don't believe this picture is him . i've seen him and read about him at the ft riley museum he survived little big horn and lived a long life but he had been shot a few times and had some arrows sticking out of him . and this photo has no wounds and this is a horse comanche was a large mule , they may have had horses but mostly mules they were tougher than horses and needed less water

  4. Just a neophyte concerning LBH, but I believe Comanche was a KY. thoroughbred used only in battle situations by Miles Keough.

  5. Comanche was a Morgan cross. I've done my research on him. They found him badly wounded in a ravine. they served him with full military honors.

  6. Comanche survived because he had more courage than the soldiers and he would often buck off Custer when he mounted him. They should give old Comanche the Purple Heart!


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