Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mathew Brady

Today we pray tribute to Mathew Brady, the visionary who created the fantastic photographic record of the Civil War. Brady spent all his money and went deeply in debt in order to take over 7,000 photographs of the war. By the end of the war, he was completely broke, and deeply in debt. He was devastated to find that no one wanted to buy his pictures. The government was not interested in compensating him for his work. Brady ended up giving his entire collection to another photographer, Mr Anthony, who had provided much of Brady's photographic supplies during the war. Brady died penniless and unknown, and his photographs were forgotten. His photographs were "discovered" in the mid-1900's, and people for the first time realized the incredible work Brady had done in documenting the war. Today, Mr. Brady's complete Collection of Civil War Photographs can be seen Here.


  1. Mathew Brady was such a great photographer. I remember writing a paper on him once. He set the standard for the future of photography.

  2. ahh a fine photo from my namesake, thanks for sharing these!


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